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Knowledge & Skills for the Post-dramatic Theater

A short presentation:

That which in the in the recent years has been denoted the “post-dramatic turn (in German: «die postdramatische Wende») in the performative arts, undermine a number of truths that have been automatized and trained through education and practice for decennials. Along parameter by parameter a crisis arise of knowledge in the theater, as the new (post dramatic) artistic goals and ambitions collide into established (dramatic) presuppositions and practices. The result is currently a fundamental – and often mutual – confusion that concerns the core of the understanding of the subject and its skills. If the «the post dramatic turn» changes the standards of what is considered high quality and relevant theater, how will this impact on the concept of the subject and its professionalism? Put differently: When the very goal of the trade – of what should be produced – is displaced, what are the consequences for the craft and the craft person’s self-understanding?

By inviting collaboration with central educational institutions, individual artists, institutional theaters and free scenic ensembles, I wish on behalf of the Academy of Theater/Oslo National Academy of the Arts to seek an answer to these questions through an artistic field work over a period of three years. The project has consistently an artistic and productive goal, in which scenic seminars, practical workshops (etudes), free standing shows/performances, demonstrations and larger productions are bound together, conveying in a common professional program supported by reflexions in the form of articles and publications.

Among the main partners in the prosject are:

Transiteatret-Bergen (Norway), Institut für angewandte Theaterwissenschaft, Giessen (Germany), SISU-percussion ensamble (Oslo, Norway), Det Norske Teatret, and Neofelis Verlag (Berlin).

Prof. Dr. Tore Vagn Lid

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