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"Deafeningly powerful" (review)

The critic Matti Saarela writes a thoroug review of "03:08:38 States of Emergencey" after guest play in Finland.

"Documentary theater can also be really eloquent on an emotional level - Transiteatret-Bergen's "Tilstander av unntak" was an impressive reconstruction of the 2011 terrorist attack in Norway - Espoo Theater fulfilled its promise of internationality at once "
I have seen hundreds of plays, dance shows and performances during my life, but it was difficult to find anything comparable to this among the memories. Espoo Teatteri & had now redeemed its promise all at once. Yes, Finland's most international theater operates in Espoo, and the Tilstander av tävää, which ended Skandiviikot on Sunday, is a real leap into the world of contemporary theater."

(Translation by Google Translate)

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