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Why is the terrorist attack at Norway 22/7 important material for a contemporary political theatre?

The Finish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki) talks to Tore Vagn Lid from Transiteatret-Bergen before this weeks guest play at Espoos Teatteri (Helsinki-Espoo) with "03:08:38 Tilstander av Unntak" (03:08:38 States of emergency)

"Tore Vagn Lid (...) belongs to a group in Norway that is described as the "new political wave of Norwegian Theatre".

Lid himself considers the definition to be apt, because during the 1990s he and others of his age tried to rediscover political theatre after the stale style of the 1970s.

"We strove to get away from the standard by creating common spaces in the theater where people could be critical and look critically at society without the works proclaiming anything or being attached to a political ideology. We wanted to prove that creating a critical space is still possible." (translations made by Google translate)

Read the full article here (in Finnish):

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