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Tore Vagn Lid and Transiteatret receives The Hedda Award x 2

Sunday night the Norwegian theater celebrated special achievements made on the Norwegian stage and shed light on artists by awarding the Hedda Prize - the national theater award in Norway.

Tore Vagn Lid and Transiteatret-Bergen got to take home two prices from the celebration, one for “The Best Audio-Visuel Design” crediting the artistic team of Tt-B, and one of the jury’s special Award to Tore Vagn Lid personally for “A Special Artistic Effort”. The work with the performance “03.08.38 - State of Emergency” has been generous reviewed by both the audience and the critics. 

The jury says:  “With this year's award, the jury wants to honor an artist for his distinctive performing arts project that has been carried out with consistency in a form that has been developed into, what must almost be called, a personal genre. Inspired by one of the great playwrights of the twentieth century and with a special focus on the theatre's auditory potential, the award winner has combined artistic innovation with political engagement, as is clearly documented in this season's distinctive work: 03:08:38, a theatrical and auditory exploration of the three hours when the political terror came to Norway.”

“There is always a resistance when trying to push the established. When you manage to challenge these boundaries, and then get recognition for this, it is clear it gives an extra motivation to continue”, says Tore Vagn Lid in an interview to 

The next possibility to see this performance is in Oslo, Norway, where it will be presented at Vega Scene between the 13th and the 18th of October.

The international premiere will take place at ILT Festival in Aarhus in May 2021. More tour dates will be announced the following 


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